My visit to the Hospital

It all started when I was at the school on a big toy. It had one of those metal zip lines. I was going off it but it was really rusty so when I was going on it but when I did it got jammed and It flung me forward then back and I couldn’t hold on so I fell. There was a large metal bolt on a wood pillar, so I hit the ground and my head went flying back and hit the bolt, I think I was knocked out for 2-3 seconds and I heard my friend say that I cracked my head open so then my mom didn’t think it was anything bad but when she saw me she ran over and got me. Next thing I know I am in the office of the school and I got picked up to go to the hospital and I had a ice pack on strapped to my head so I looked stupid……When I got with a doctor I had to get it cleaned so they put water in it and got a pad with an opening in it so my hair didn’t get in the way I can’t remember how many stitches I got but I remember being told I had a miner concoction. So my day was busy.

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Would you jump out of a plane?

Would you ever jump out of a plane? I would have to have some motivation to do it, like if I where a S.A.R (search and rescue) but I’m not so you know…….I cant hold the responsibility of someones life but I would go sky diving just for the thrill and bragging rights but it would take a bit for me to have the courage. So many things could go wrong like your parachute won’t work or you might pull the wrong string so there can be some thing to stop a person from going, but being me I still would. I mean I went hand up the hole time on space mountain in Disney Land in the front seat, that’s a lot of turbulence you need to work just to keep you hands up. So I think I could do it. So would you jump out of a plane? Edited by: Liam and Jordan

What I’ve Learned Outside of School

I learned how to be a better pitcher in baseball. I was at home thinking of things to do and my Mom said that it would be great if my cousin Kyle would stop by and play baseball with me for something to do. It was then that I was out side about to go to the grocery store that Kyle stopped at are house. I got out of the car and we each got a glove and started to pass. he asked me to try and pitch so I did and he taught me to be more accurate and how to throw a curve ball and the hole time the only thing I could think about was what a coincidence it was that he came.

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A place to visit on Vancouver Island

If you ever go to Vancouver Island you should visit Goose Spit (and I don’t mean saliva spit). A Spit is a long strip of land that extends out to water.

It’s a nice beach with some rocks and sand and you can make forts with the dry wood and rock as the wind slowly cools you and the sun warms you (unless it’s winter) . I personally like to break the rocks and look for minerals like quartzite. You can body-board (don’t think you can surf but I have never tried so who knows), you can sail. There are so many things you can do, I don’t think I can name all of them but it’s free and lots of fun swimming and enjoying the beach.

Edited by: Zack and Liam Image by kk+ on Twitter

Image by kk+ on Twitter

Pysanky Eggs


This is a post on Pysanky eggs. They are eggs that have art painted on them but not just random art. Each picture has meanings like in colors and symbols that might mean to have a good harvest and  like how black would represent night, darkness and wisdom. These eggs are Ukrainian Easter eggs, they are made to sent prayers like how I just said  to have a good harvest.

Our class made some (but they are on paper eggs) and they all looked really good.  All the symbols and colors made it look even better, as you can see mine below. If you ever have the time you should try to look on the Internet and find some symbols and make your own.

My egg
My egg
pic from

Drop! Cover! Hold on!

drop cover hold onBoom! Pow! Crash! Snap! These are the sound of an earthquake. I have some tips for avoiding them.

Thing you should do.

  1. Find something sturdy to hide under like a table or desk. @(^_^)@
  2. Fined ways to stop hazards if there pre scheduled earthquakes to be more safe. @(^_^)@
  3. Have an earthquake kit with food. @(^_^)@

What not do do.

  1. Triangle of life ( it doesn’t work!) @(x_x)@ 
  2.  Freak out @(x_x)@
  3. Go outside @(x_x)@

I hope these tips help you so remember to be safe!

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My dog Abby

Do you have a pet? What is it? How big is it? What’s special about it? I have dog named Abby, she is a Cairn Terrier(they are bred to kill rodents or small animals).  She is really small in size but has a really big attitude.  Abby is small for a Cairn Terrier,she only weighs 9 pounds compared to the average Cairn that weighs about 12 pounds. She has a mind of her own, she is stubborn and acts likes she is a big dog!

Taking a Snooze

Taking a Snooze

I find that she is special because you can tell by the expression on her face what she is thinking.

My little bunny

My little bunny

When she has something put on her she won’t move like in this pic 😀 so that’s my pet, what’s yours?
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Stoten Falls

These fall are on the same river

These fall are on the same river

Have you ever been to Stoten Falls? If not, never be in charge of the towels, for a reason that will come up later.

At Stoten Falls, there are a lot of pot holes carved into the rocks by the river on the way down to the falls and they are really big, and I mean hot tub big, trust me.

The falls are about 25 feet tall and there are ways to climb the ice cold rocks to the top. Once you get the top of the falls, it looks like a small stream of water running over it so it is hard to have the will to jump. When you finally do, it’s such a rush and your eyes need to adjust when the wind hits your eyes. Once you hit the water and the current sucks you down you have to swim with all your might to one of the rocks before being taken down the river.

Once you are done swimming and you are on the way back to the parking lot, there is a  50-50 chance you will end up falling in to one of the big pot holes when you are holding all the towels. As you can see, swimming at Stoten Falls has its ups and downs but its worth it!

Nymph Falls by bee wolf ray